Gift of Life welcomes support for living kidney donation


Gift of Life strongly supports the Australian Government’s initiative to assist organ transplantation by facilitating live donation.

The new program will enable people who are alive to donate an organ, mostly a kidney, to a relative or close friend by helping to reduce the significant financial burden involved while they are off work which to date has precluded them from becoming a donor.

The program assists employers to provide up to six weeks minimum wage to enable prospective live donors to take paid leave from work for this purpose. The program will be welcomed by Australians who are prepared to donate a kidney or liver and those close to them whose lives can now be saved.

Gift of Life President David O’Leary warmly welcomed the move noting that: “while the Government’s organ and tissue donation and transplantation reform program which focuses on cadaveric donation is proving successful, this new program will assist patients who would most likely not otherwise receive a transplant.  For many, live donation will be their only chance of survival”.

Gift of Life has lobbied the Government for some time to provide various form of assistance to facilitate greater live donation of organs in Australia. The new program is a major step forward.

Live donation is an important contributor to higher organ and tissue donation rates in leading countries in this field overseas. Moving to assist those Australians prepared to offer live donations will contribute significantly in increasing Australia’s overall donation rate in the future.

Read the press release from the Minister for Health & Ageing, The Hon. Tanya Pliberseck, MP, here  . . .